Literacy Challenge

The Literacy Challenge project was launched on May 5th 2011 on the platform of Procter & Gamble’s Cause Related Marketing Initiative which took place between May – June 2011. On June 22nd 2011, a donation event was held at Terra Kulture, Victoria Island, to mark the conclusion of the one month pilot MBCI.

At the event, a generous supply of educational resources which included computers and learning soft ware, were donated to 15 nominated Lagos State based orphanages to start up libraries.

The libraries to be started up must aim to promote functional literacy in children and caregivers. Literacy that is applicable to life skills for income generation, for good practice in child care and for improved health concepts. Library usage by children and caregivers should aim for a literacy that frees the mind, raises voices and enables informed and full participation in community life and in political processes in Nigeria.

Monitoring of progress in the start up of orphanage libraries began in December 2011.  This webpage documents the outcomes of our Literacy Challenge project.

MONITORING REPORT –                from December 2011


‘’Thank you for your vision on children literacy program, Sincerely, it was never in our mind or plan to have a library for the children, we didn’t consider it as a priority until we saw your mail on children literacy program specifically requesting us to own a library for children in the orphanage. Your subsequent invitation and donation of books, learning kits and computer to our orphanage by P & G in conjunction with your organization greatly stimulated our interest.

 We consequently, started the building and gradually finished and furnished it. For our children the excitement and joy of having the library is so amazing. They now desire to sit and read in the library now than any other thing. Toun, on behalf of all the children in Compassionate Orphanage, we say thank you to your organization for this great vision.’’

Dr Gabriel Oyediji, Founder/Director