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We Have operated for The Last 14 Years

About Us

Our goal to improve child welfare in Nigerian

Since 2003, Sponsor A Child has promoted child welfare in Nigerian institutions by providing a range of child rights based interventions to orphanages, community schools, early years centres and other centres for vulnerable children.

Since inception we have reached over 3,000 children with our projects delivered under our ‘Community Aid’ & ‘Education’ programmes.

Community Aid                                            Education

Hostel Project                                       Resource Centre Project

Safe Kitchen Project                           The Literacy Challenge™

Safe Playground Project                   Training for Caregivers & Educators

Good Food & Water Project

First Aid & Primary Health Project

Since 2006 we have reached over 400 caregivers with our training programmes in rights based child care. In 2009, with the encouragement of caregivers from partner institutions, we developed and published our caregivers manual ‘Local Champions’ which cuts across the child rights pillars of: survival, development, protection and participation. In 2011 we published ‘Transitions’: self –audit and monitoring tools for early years centres in Nigeria. In 2011 we developed the Good Home Guide™: self audit and monitoring tools for  child institutions. In the same year, we developed our ‘Manual for Good Home Evaluators and Report Writers™’.

Our Good Home Scheme™ trains caregivers and educators in child institutions and evaluates the quality of care provided. The Scheme recognises and rewards ‘good’ and ‘outstanding’ provision, using rights principles as measures. By these means and through joint delivery of rights based projects, the Scheme promotes continuous and measurable improvement in institutional care, education and protection services for all children.

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We have served for 14 years to homeless Children with trust and we are happy


Sponsor A Child was created in 2003 to promote child welfare in Nigeria by providing a range of child rights based interventions to orphanages, community schools, early years centers and other centers for vulnerable children.

Health, educational and recreational facilities are rights based tools used by the charity to improve the welfare and well-being of children, youth, their caregivers and educators in Nigerian institutions and communities.



Since 2006, our past funders include: UNICEF, MTN Foundation, Irish Aid, AusAid, the Embassy of Germany, US Democracy &
Human Rights Fund, Exxon Mobil, Total, the Clara Burgess Charity, the Allan & Nesta Ferguson Charitable Settlement,
Deutsche Bank, Bloomberg, P&G West Africa. With the help of these organizations and individuals committed to our cause, we

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